Hatha Yoga

Gentle/Beginner Yoga
This level 1 class specializes in using props to gently challenge the ability of students to their maximum potential. Gentle yoga provides a slower paced class, emphasizing yogic breathing and stress reduction. Poses are modified to enhance each student's experience of increasing body awareness, flexibility and strength. Suitable for students desiring a less vigorous class and for those with health challenges. Instruction will be geared to the special needs of the individuals participating. This class is appropriately paced for those students with injuries and other health challenges, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, MS, and chronic lower back and neck issues. Working within the framework of each student's limitations, poses will be modified on an individual basis.

Mixed Level Yoga
Introduces new and continuing students to the fundamental principles of alignment, breathing, standing poses, revolved and seated poses. Preparations for inversions and inversions may be presented. Class is geared to the level of students present. Variations are added to standing poses and increasing & varying levels of challenge are offered. Emphasis will be on opening and strengthening the shoulders, back and legs and on refining the basic standing poses while building endurance and strength.

Balance Ball and Core Bodywork

This class targets abdominals & lower back.

  •      It strengthens your body core to improve posture.
  •      Stabilizes the spine.
  •      Strengthens and tones muscles.
  •      Helps to increase flexibility, strength and endurance.  
  •      Enhances balance and coordination.
  •      Helps to relieve tension.

Balance ball, hand weights, resistance bands, and power weight balls are all provided at the studio. Please bring a towel and water bottle, as needed.
See schedule for class times and pricing.

Thai Yoga Bodywork

This bodywork helps release blocked areas and stimulates the flow of healing energies within the mind, body and spirit. From chronic pain to emotional stress to bodywork in general, Thai Yoga helps balance and restore a state of harmony that leads to health, happiness and well being. Whether you have a yoga practice or not, this healing therapy will leave you feeling refreshed, rested and alive.



A typical session could last 1 to 1 ½ hours. Clients lay on a large futon designed specifically for Thai massage.
Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Your feet will be bare. Just lay back and relax!
Private Sessions:
$65 per one hour session
3 sessions for $175

Benefits of Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai Yoga Bodywork can be helpful with:

Deeply relaxing
Releases emotional blocks
Relieves pain and soreness
Releases stress and tension
Supports one's yoga practice
Increases blood and lymph flow
Brings the systems of the body into balance
Increases flexibility, suppleness and vital energy
Excellent therapy for common injuries and ailments
Deepens the connection between mind, body and spirit

Allergies/ Asthma
General well being
Disease Prevention
Spiritual Enhancement
Range of Motion Issues
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Improving your yoga practice
Anxiety Reduction/Depression
Multiple Sclerosis (Early Stages)
Grief Management/Rehabilitation
Premenstrual Syndrome/Infertility
Pain and Ache relief/ Fibromyalgia
Neck and Back Problems/ Stress Relief

Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga uses various movements and poses to focus the mind and increase strength, stamina and flexibility. The physical poses are combined with breathing techniques which help release tension and promote the free flow of subtle energies. All Partner Yoga exercises use the buddy system to dissolve tension and establish a natural state of harmony in body, mind, emotion, and spirit.
In poses and exercises, partners rely on each other's support to keep correct body alignment, balance, and concentration. In a deeper sense, this physical support fosters deeper feelings of nurture and acceptance. When you feel safe and supported, you develop the courage to trust others and the strength to confront your fears and embrace your true self.
Partner Yoga can be practiced by anyone.

Friends can use Partner Yoga to help each other stay motivated and committed to their wellness plan. Practicing yoga with a partner is uplifting and inspiring, and helps raise both people to new heights.
Some poses challenge your balance, strength and flexibility, other poses require your total trust and surrender. Each exercise and breathing technique uses the power of the partner dynamic to achieve more than one person could alone.
A partner can be a spouse, parent, child, friend or relative.
If you would like to participate but don’t have a partner, please let me know.
$30 per couple
See Schedule for Dates and Times
2 Couple minimum – Please register in Advance.

Family Yoga

Whatever your age, yoga can enhance your lifestyle... 
Yoga helps you to become focused, flexible and strong. It helps students concentrate, find peace and quiet within themselves and feel good about themselves. Practicing yoga together is a great way to strengthen family bonds and have a great time together. Class is geared to the level of students present.
As well as being fun for children, learning yoga develops self-discipline and can enhance their physical and mental health. Asanas (poses) are good for developing coordination and help to improve concentration and memory. Regular practice can enable young people to keep their natural flexibility for many years. 
                                                                     2 family members (1 adult and 1 child) = $18/class - Child is high school and under
                                                                                             3 family members  = $24/class

Private Yoga Lessons

Private Yoga Classes are great for:
Pregnant women
Children with ADD, ADHD, or learning disabilities
People recovering from injury, illness, or surgery
Busy Executives, Professionals, Managers, and others who work long hours at stressful jobs
People who suffer from chronic/acute conditions where more individualized instruction would be needed.
Couples and families looking for a meaningful activity to build communication and quality time with each other  
If you already practice yoga, private sessions can be:

A "next step" to advancing your practice
A posture clinic to fine tune and check the details of your alignment in postures
A way to build and commit to a daily practice that best serves your needs and your goals

                                                                                          Private sessions are $65.00 per hour.
                                                                             To schedule your private session, call 443-340-8672

Private Yoga Parties

I'll come to your special gathering with music and equipment in tow or bring your gathering to Morning Breeze Yoga Studio, either can be tailored to your specific needs.

An innovative idea for birthday parties of any age, bridal showers, fundraisers, special events - get creative!

Prices range from $75 and up.  
  For more information, contact Jennifer at 443-340-8672.

Workplace Yoga

Yoga is wonderful for stress relief, relaxation of tired muscles, and enhanced concentration. I can come to your workplace for stress-busting yoga class! I can tailor a package to suit your needs, whether it is for a one-time special event or ongoing classes. 
                                                                               For more information, contact Jennifer at 443-340-8672. 

Spiritual Health Coaching

What is Spiritual Health Coaching?
Spiritual Health Coaching is the process where a properly trained and licensed Spiritual Health Coach (SHC) helps you to find answers to your spirit based questions and concerns. This is an empowering experience because the Spiritual Health Coach asks targeted questions and provides a sacred space for you to search in depth for the answers. A spiritual health coach is a life coach .  If you feel a need for support and want help getting in touch with your heart, or support in times of crisis when your world seems like it's falling apart, you can get help from a spiritual health coach.   
Do you need to identify what's wrong? 
Do you sense something amiss with health, life, or spirit and need to identify what's wrong in the first place?  Are you very stressed or in a crisis or depression?
Do you know what's wrong and want to find a way through it? 
Are you looking for direction and encouragement in a fitness regimen? Would you like to talk about how yoga and meditation can help with most such challenges? 
Are you in the midst of an crisis, or even depressed, and in need of coaching from someone who has been there and emerged all the stronger?
Spiritual Coaching Can Help You . . .

Change jobs or careers
Find more satisfaction and balance in your current job
Deal with a problematic situation or relationship at work
Create more balance between work and personal life
Manage stress
Create more freedom in your life to do what you want
Create a balanced and healthy lifestyle
Overcome problems or issues in personal relationships
Free yourself from an unhealthy relationship or from a past relationship

Attain more inner peace, contentment, health and well-being
Cultivate a meditation practice
Find your life purpose
Regain your vitality and joy.
Information provided to a Spiritual Health Coach is confidential as well as sacred. 
What can I expect during a session and how long does it last?

Sessions can be either in person or via phone, though due to proximity, most are done over the phone. The length of the sessions varies. They usually last between 40 minutes to an hour. The variance is to make sure that the client feels they have made progress on their topic of choice and to provide natural closure to the session. Unless there is something from a previous session that needs to be discussed right away, I prefer to find out my client's successes and challenges during the week (if more than one session is preferred, they are usually done weekly). Then we will discuss the "homework" assigned to you. Homework usually consists of contemplation of the questions and answers from the previous session. From there we go into the "work" of the coaching session and with a question and answer dialog, you will gain further insight and knowledge into the areas that you wish to explore .
When I work with a client, I may also recommend other resources to help on their journey such as books, articles and/or other professionals.
As I see it, the role of a Spiritual Health Coach is to jump for joy when you find success, provide comfort and encouragement when there are challenges, and help you meet your spiritual goals.
Helping clients heal themselves. Helping them recognize any spiritual disconnection or intuitive error, and address any mental block, emotional issue or physical ailment arising from these issues. 
Spiritual Healing is for those who are looking for a deeper level of healing with lasting results. This occurs through personal growth, insight and Inner Awakening.
Why is Spiritual Coaching so Effective?
Spiritual Coaching accelerates your life and unfolds your Highest Potential.
Today numerous successful people - politicians, business people and celebrities –
all hire Spiritual Coaches to help them achieve their goals. 

As your Spiritual Coach I’ll work with you to:
      Create skills for success
      Organize your priorities     
      Achieve your goals
      Change, grow and develop a
      Healthy, happy, and successful life
Spiritual Coaching also offers the opportunity to enhance your spiritual journey. It helps you create greater meaning and purpose, plus elevate your consciousness. 
Spirit of Success
Spiritual Coaching helps you get where you want to be with speed and ease. Successfully achieving your goals and transforming your life doesn’t need to be stressful. It can be exciting, uplifting and fun - rest assured I’ll support you every step of the way. Spiritual Coaching generally takes place over the phone so you don't even have to leave your home or office.
Transform your Life with Spiritual Coaching
Imagine being totally healthy, happy and successful
Full of energy and living the life of your dreams
Embracing your highest potential

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact Jennifer at 443-340-8672